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5 things about us

1. We are two pediatric occupational therapists with extensive training in infant and childhood feeding. We meet working at Children’s Hospital Los Angels and discovered we both grew up near on another, went to the same college, and were in the NB same sorority at the same time. Destiny!

2. We have very strong beliefs that anything feeding related must be holistic. Our approach is multifaceted and emphasizes nourishment. We believe that feeding can be a beautiful dance between a caregiver and a child... a feeder and a grower. We believe in a #growthmindset and that all our feeders and growers have the capacity to learn. We believe that the habits we form and cultivate in childhood can last a lifetime.

3. We choose the name Feeders and Growers for a few reasons. First, we both have worked for nearly 10 years in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs). We've worked with some of the sickest and most amazing fighters out there. When a baby in the NICU is doing well from a medical standpoint and is working towards going home, often the nurses call them "Feeders and Growers" which means that now they are just learning to eat and grow. We think the term captures the idea that these 2 things go together- eating and growing. Not gaining weight but growing and thriving. We also realized that in our work we often provide more support and guidance for parents than the actual baby or child-