You love babies and kids. You love to eat. You love working with babies and kids to help them eat but, oh my goodness the more you learn the more you realize this stuff is COMPLEX. Picky eating is HARD. And dysphagia? Dysphagia is SCARY. We understand. And we started Feeders and Growers because we found a serious lack of holistic, practical, and accessible feeding education that didn't intimidate us or leave us feeling disappointed. Whether it's been a minute since you were in school and you need a refresher on anatomy and swallow physiology, or you're a new grad who just wants to make sure you're not in over your head, our courses and mentorship program are for you!

After nearly 8 years of teaching throughout California and being asked when we're teaching in [the East coast, Canada, the name it] we decided to bring our courses online! We’re working hard to get our best sellers ready for you, along with a few newbies, and free resources, guides and tools. Sign up and you can be among the first to know when these are ready!

What we've got in the works:



Whether you're an OT, SLP, dietician, MD, and all other medical professionals, we’ve got you covered. We're working on a full range of online courses on a variety of topics relating to feeding, eating, swallowing and mealtime. We have 1-3 hour continuing education courses as well as full day courses and packages COMING SOON.



We are working on clear and to the point resources for professionals who work with families of infants and young children. Our guides, templates, and tools are all created by us medical professionals for medical professions, emphasizing the latest research where available and based on our extensive experience working with babies and children on feeding, eating, swallowing, and mealtime issues. These are the tools we use in our daily practice and we're eager to share them with YOU!



If you’re an OT or an SLP who is looking for more in your practice, wants some community, craves some inspiration: we  are working on a comprehensive mentorship package to help you grow your knowledge, skills, and confidence. We know this practice area is one of the most complex out there and we bring expertise mixed with honesty and humor to help you on your journey to becoming a feeding expert. 

Sign up below to be a founding member to get full benefits for a fraction of the cost. We will launch in June 2020! But as the content grows, so will the price. 


Mentorship packages include:

  • Weekly “office hours” availability for questions and coaching

  • Monthly webinar with case study presentation

  • Monthly online journal club

  • Access to our private FB group 

  • A community of smart and down to earth feeding specialists ready to help you

  • The F&G therapist resource bundle- FREE