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Feeding, Eating & Swallowing Courses? Learn with us!


Most of us did NOT learn how to comprehensively evaluate and address swallowing issues back in OT school, especially not for our pediatric clients. Mealtime is one of our most important occupations, and you can't eat if you can't swallow. That's where our course: "The Neurobiology of Swallowing & Dysphagia" comes in!

Baby Led Weaning

Need effective intervention ideas and tools for helping your pediatric clients build their oral motor skills? Wondering what Baby Led Weaning is and how you can use it? Not to worry- this topic is one of our favorites. Check out our essential course:

Teaching Kids to Eat 

Picky Eating

This topic can make even the most confident OT a little sweaty. We've been there. And we've spent ten + years digesting the research and trying intervention techniques to bring you a course that is unique and invaluable: Re-Thinking Picky Eating is foundational for all therapists working with picky eaters.

(coming soooon!)

Join us, learn with us.

You are a hard working, creative and thoughtful therapist. You love your clients and want to do an excellent job- even when you feel "in over your head."

When it comes to pediatric feeding, eating, swallowing, and mealtime issues, it's easy to get overwhelmed and lost because these topics are complex! Our goal is to make it easy and help you take what you already know and apply it to feeding therapy.  We also want to expand the lenses that you use to evaluate and treat feeding issues in infants and kids. We want to empower all feeding therapists to think critically and use a wider variety of tools to get better outcomes for clients.


What we've got in the works:



Whether you're an OT, SLP, or other medical professionals, we’ve got you covered. We're working on a full range of online courses on a variety of topics relating to feeding, eating, swallowing and mealtime. Our signature course: The Neurobiology of Swallowing & Dysphagia & our BLW course for therapists is available online and our other courses are COMING SOON.



Wanna be besties? Have you taken one of our courses and are craving even more discussion and learning? If you’re looking for support and inspiration, we've launched our Feeders & Grower's membership- and we want you in our club! This practice area is challenging and we bring broad expertise mixed with honesty and humor to help you  problem solve, learn, vent, and advocate. 



We are working on clear and functional resources for professionals who work with families of infants and young children. Our guides, templates, and tools are all created by us medical professionals for medical professions, emphasizing the latest research and based on our extensive experience. We're eager to share our tools with YOU!



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