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My doctor said Baby Led Weaning isn’t safe. Now what?

Pediatricians are essential and incredibly knowledgeable on so many topics it makes our heads spin. And 100% of the time you should trust your pediatrician over random people on the internet for health advice on your baby.

When it comes to general feeding information however, WE are specialists with over a decade each of experience and as such we must point out that the statement that Baby Led Weaning is dangerous just isn’t true for most babies.

But it’s definitely possible that your pediatrician knows something specific about YOUR baby that makes Baby Led Weaning less safe for him or her. So we encourage you to ask. If your pediatrician says it’s just generally not safe, you know that he or she isn’t up to date on the latest research on infant feeding and must not feel confident in oral motor skill development.

It’s always ok to ask clarifying questions to your child’s pediatrician.

That’s OK they aren’t feeding experts because they are the expert on so many other important things that we will cut them a break on this one.

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