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Infant Feeding Myth #5: Baby food

MYTH FIVE: “ You should serve baby food and kid food to your kids.”

The idea that we NEED "baby food" or "kid food" is the myth here. There are many reasons why we can and should integrate our babies into what the family eats from the start. We want to be clear. What we are saying is:

Infants can eat the same food as everyone else in the family with only a few small exceptions or modifications from 5-6 months old.

Toddlers and children can and should be served the same foods as the rest of the family at each meal.

Is it realistic to expect this will ALWAYS happen?? NO! Should we still set family meals from the start as our bar? YES!

We'll do a few posts to get all the info up here. But for now... check out these awesome articles about “kid food”!




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