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You care deeply about your health's health and know that what meals are a big part of that. Whether you’re looking for basic advice to do it right from the start or trying to solve a mealtime problem that is making you feel crazy, you’ve come to the right place. We have practical, research-backed, expert advice with no judgement Check out our blog, free resources, classes, and tools- all designed to make your feeding experience more joyful and stress free.


Baby Led Weaning The Feeders & Growers Way


Heard about BLW and want to give it a try?  There is a lot of free advice out there and if you have the time to sift through it- you’ll definitely find all you need to do this! But if you’re short on time and you want expert direction you can trust to be accurate, practical, and based on research, this course is for you!


  • When to start

  • The basics- which foods, how to prepare, what to do 

  • Reading your baby (essential and unique to F&G!)

  • Family meal and  mealtime routines  (essential and unique to F&G!)

  • BLW problem solving

  • BLW after purees


Picky Eating- Solved

If your baby hit 18 months and suddenly stopped eating, your toddler runs screaming every time you say “dinner’s ready” or you have persistent questions about how to manage your kiddo’s normal but frustrating mealtime behaviors, this course is for you.  We’ll cover basics and more detailed strategies for how to stop picky behaviors while building strong eating habits for life. 


  • Step by step guide for changing your child's relationship with food

  • Unique, practical, and easy strategies which help picky eating and build core life skills at the same time.

  • Responding to mealtime frustrations and common concerns (Crying, yelling, throwing food, refusal to eat or stay at the table, demanding other food, etc.)

  • Transitioning off bottle, breast, or night time feeding

  • Red flags that you might need more support

Special needs and Severe Eating Issues

If you have a NICU warrior, a kiddo with Downs Syndrome, or a child following a different developmental path, these courses are for you.  If you’re dealing with more than just typical toddler picky eating behaviors, these courses are for you. In these classes we’ll dive a bit deeper, discuss extra strategies, ideas, and suggestions that will make a difference with your child.  We’re working on 4 core classes:

  • Severe picky eating in the 12-24 month old

  • Severe picky eating in the 2-4 year old

  • BLW and the transition to solids with your premature baby

  • BLW and the transition to solids with your baby with Downs syndrome 

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