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Expert feeding and

mealtime guidance for parents, therapists, & pediatricians.

Pediatric OTs, SLPs, Dieticians: We have online feeding, eating, and swallowing courses that will introduce you to Baby Led Weaning, deep dive into treatment of dysphagia, help you perform an oral motor eval and leave you with clarity on your toughest cases. Grow your confidence and expand your clinical skills. Transition to solids, dysphagia, picky eating, development of oral motor skills? We've got you. 


We love parents.  We ARE parents and want to help you master mealtime. We're not providing 1-on-1 services at this time, but we have 4 on demand classes available on Baby Led Weaning, Preventing Picky Eating, Reversing Picky Eating, and Transitioning from Spoons to Finger Feeding through Solid Starts. Go take one now! Or find answers and guidance in our blog and on our instagram account @solidstarts.





Expert guidance, immediately.


Our best in-person courses, online for medical professionals and parents . You want research-backed, practical information about feeding and mealtime without having to travel and we want all those who feed a child to bring confidence and joy to mealtime.


About Us

Kimberly Grenawitzke and Kary Rappaport make up the feeding therapy team of Feeders and Growers. Kary and Kim are pediatric occupational therapists with 25 years of combined experience working with medically complex infants, children, and families who have eating and feeding difficulties.  Both Kim and Kary’s specialties include breastfeeding, infants with cardiac defects, picky eating, Baby Led Feeding, and Modified Barium Swallow Studies (pretty much full spectrum pediatric feeding and swallowing!) Kary and Kim are passionate about making mealtime a practical, joyful, nurturing experience where families can bond and kids can learn!

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 Parents & Professionals Recommend

Anna A.

Occupational Therapist

"The OT department has totally adopted the Re-Thinking Picky Eating ideas and strategies. Everyone is making bigger gains, faster with their feeding clients.  Thank you!"

Lauren K.

mom of a former medically

complex NICU babe

"After some persistence, determination, love, and help from Feeders and Growers we started our solid food journey.  I was HESITANT to say the least, but after seeing so much success with their support & BLW I started getting more adventurous."


Occupational Therapist

"You two are amazing and the impact you both have on the kids and families you work with is incredible!  Thank you for your passion, drive, and the constant education you provide."

Feeders & Growers, LLC is a limited liability company

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