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Parents, this picky eating package has our key tools for lovingly and confidently managing challenging mealtime behaviors:

  1. Our 1-page problem solving handout on managing tantrums meltdowns and yelling at the table (excellent for posting on the fridge so you know exactly what to do in those heated moments).
  2. A quick guide on "what to do when my child doesn't eat dinner but asks for food at bedtime."
  3. A reference sheet on coping strategies to use before, during, and after mealtime meltdowns or when your child becomes upset to help your child and yourself self-regulate.
  4. Mealtime scripts for when your child whines or cries about what you serve, won't eat the meal and asks for food 30 minutes later.


**Therapists- these are handouts we use in our therapy practice and you are also welcome to purchase these, reproduce and use with your familes during therapy. 

Picky eating & challenging behaviors toolkit

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