Are you an occupational therapist in California working towards advanced practice in feeding, eating, and swallowing (SWC)?

Looking for a mentorship program to support your learning?

Feeders and Growers provides distance mentorship opportunities for OTs working towards SWC certification.


  • Mentee and mentor sign mentorship agreement.

  • Mentee commits to signing up for, and taking The Neurobiology of Swallowing & Dysphagia (15 hours of advanced practice credit)

  • Mentee commits to researching other continuing education course opportunities and discussing options with mentor to meet California requirement (total of 45 hours)

  • Mentee maintains log of hours of direct patient care time treating patients with swallowing disorders.

  • Mentee maintains log of mentorship time (phone/skype)


  • Mentorship hours are reimbursed at a rate of $75 per hour (or fraction of the hour)

    • Charges are incurred during phone and skype mentorship sessions.

  • eMail and text mentorship also available (rates negotiable)

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